July 4th fast, fun, itchy and Crazy!

adventrure July 4th muscadine wine poison ivy texas wild grapes

This holiday week has been fast, fun, itchy and crazy!

Sunday after church we had a great idea: Lets go pick muscadine grapes (mustang or wild grapes) and make some wine with them. We have never made wine before, so let’s start this adventure, right? All of us girls; 5 of us - lol Set out to gather grapes, we had no problem filling two wicker baskets full of these pretty wild grapes. We were very careful to watch for poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Monday, we started making the wine, this is gonna be awesome! We juiced and smashed those grapes, put them in 5 gallon buckets to set for a few days. Went to watch fireworks with the family. Later that night, my face started itching and my feet became swollen like an elephant! Next morning, I realized I had poison ivy on my face and arms. Guess I got some sap off of the grapes when we smashed them.

July 4th we had family over and spent it in the pool and grillin. Applying poison ivy itch remedy all day. Had to make a trip to the doc the next day! It was spreading into my mouth and nose. After a steroid shot and oral steroids for the next sixteen days, I think I will be ok! Hope that wine is worth it. Did I mention I hate poison ivy!!! It was a rather itchy adventure to say the least.

Our new shop is coming along. Still waiting on our window to come it…… As soon as it’s here and installed we will be moving right along.

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