Nap Mat Cover Sets vs Nap Mat Roll Ups

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 Here is the low down on our nap mat cover set and nap mat roll ups.  Plus how to clean them. 

Nap mat covers are made to be used with kindermats.  The kindermat slips inside the cover.  It has an envelope closure on the end to hold the kindermat in place.  To remove the kindermat flip the envelop over the kindermat and remove it.  You can machine wash and dry normal cycle.

Roll up nap mats have layers of batting sewn into the nap mat, so there is no need for a kindermat.  They have an attached pillow with a zipper to remove the pillow insert before washing.  Be sure to attach the Velcro to itself before washing, just to make sure the Velcro does not crab anything it should not.  These too can be wash and dried normal cycle.

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