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When you buy from us, you are buying more than just an object. You aren’t just buying a thing you are buying a piece of our heart part of our soul and a moment of our lives. We, Carli and I, make each piece from a bolt of fabric even our ruffles we make, nothing bought already made. 🛒 Our turnaround times are much longer than ordering or walking into a chain store and buying that “item”, because we pour our hearts into each piece and we pray that each handmade item you receive from us blesses you and your family. 💌 We know yall are excited to get your order and we are excited to hear when you open your package, you feel like you are opening a present wrapped in love. We absolutely love it when yall post pictures of your littles excitement because they just got something just for them! 🤩🎁 We are so thankful that yall choose us to make something special for you, you could have chosen so many other shops to make it. But you choose us and that truly blesses our hearts!!!🌵💌💖😍
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